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We may all have slightly different answers as to why we love someone, but if we aren't able to exactly define the parameters of our love, then we're likely to struggle later on once the initial intensity dies down.

If your partner can't answer why he or she loves you now, then imagine the inevitable uncertainty down the road."Because I love you" is not a good answer.

When we lose them, we lose ourselves and inevitably lose the person we love.

Again, how could anyone know he or she will be a great parent? Sure, being in a serious relationship does require a person to change in many ways.

Your partner should be able to tell you what life experiences he or she hopes to share with you.

It's these little goals you set for yourselves that make your life special. Yes, it's all mental, but keeping interest for such a long time is difficult. It takes the other person regularly trying to please and impress you, which in itself becomes increasingly difficult with each new year.

Life is a journey -- one that is best not traveled entirely alone.

However, not everyone has the same destination in mind.

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